Social Infrastructure & Community Services

Social Infrastructure & Community Services

Legatus Group actively works with regional providers to gain knowledge to assist with advocating for improvement of health, education, community and social support services. Including opportunities for population growth through lifestyle and service delivery that attracts and retains people in the region.

Support for regional leadership and capacity building programs assisting with Regional Public Health Plans.

Identifying and assist with funding and grants and assisting Constituent Councils in progressing their digital strategies and services.

Wellbeing Gap Analysis Legatus Group Northern Councils this report identifies the gaps in knowledge to better understand what the future and current wellbeing needs and issues are. Wellbeing as an issue has been identified throughout Regional South Australia and the Legatus Group raised this as a matter as one of high significance in 2019 because relevant communities continued to be affected by the Drought. Wellbeing 2021 FINAL Report July 19

The Legatus Group have been actively campaigning for the centralised model regarding mental health services within the region. This includes an updated report Update Wellbeing Report July 2022 from July 2022 on the Wellbeing Gap Analysis from the Northern Councils commissioned by the Legatus Group and the approach to Minister for Health by Lifeline, Legatus Group and Local Members of Parliament. 

Inclusive and Accessible Tourism Experiences Yorke Peninsula. This report provides a critical analysis of the literature and identifies Opportunities and Gaps in the Yorke Peninsula as a destination of choice for people with a disability.
Inclusive Tourism Report Final

Opportunities for the Development of Accessible Tourism on the Yorke Peninsula. This report has been received by the Copper Coast Council, Barunga West Council and Yorke Peninsula Council and the Legatus Group are actively supporting the progress of opportunities from this report. Yorke_Peninsula_Full_Report-Final-compressed

Reconciliation Action Planning Northern and Yorke Region Following input from the reference group and a cultural review the report by the Adelaide University was completed in October 2020 FINAL Reconciliation Legatus Oct 2020

Following the release of the Reconciliation Action Planning Northern and Yorke Region report the Legatus Group have assisted with the formation and subsequent involvement with the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board Aboriginal Engagement Committee.

Socio – economic impacts from the NDIS on regional local governments report released. KPPM Legatus NDIS Report FINAL 20-5-18 (002)

Digital Maturity  of councils. This report identified the key areas of focus and a proposed way forward. Legatus Digital Maturity Index Final Report

Youth into Volunteering The research project was completed  Final Report Youth Volunteering 20 April 2020 and a series of projects are now being progressed.

Creative Industries in the Legatus Group Region The research project was completed Final Creative Industries Report April 2020 and a series of projects are now being progressed.

Tourism and the use of Mixed Reality this report was a collaboration between the Legatus Group and Flinders University and looks at the options for Augmented and Virtual Reality Storytelling for the region New Realities Final