Creative Industries

Creative Industries

The Legatus Group have been active in supporting the Creative Industries in alignment with the South Australian Government’s Creative Industries Strategy

Creative Industries in the Legatus Group Region
The research project was completed and a series of projects are now being progressed
Final Creative Industries Report April 2020 

Tourism and the use of Mixed Reality
this report was a collaboration between the Legatus Group and Flinders University and looks at the options for Augmented and Virtual Reality Storytelling for the region
New Realities Final

Charlotte & Georga

Arranged and Produced
James Stewart-Rattray of Desert Dog Studios

Words, Music and Vocal Arrangement
Charlotte Broome Morton & Georga Harris

Find out all about the YIM program we ran

South Australian Creative Industries Conference


SA Regional Creative Industries Showreel – produced by Mav Media

Playable Culture

with Simon Wilkinson

Creatives Matter

Invest Atlanta with Sheoyki Jones

Innovation at Work

Activate Business – A Regional Case Study with Alison Uren