Community Waste Water Management Schemes (CWMS)

Regional audit of systems
A list of all the CWMS will allow us to explore opportunities for efficiencies across the region.

Common templates
A common set of templates will enable resources to support each other more effectively Business case for regional processing plant (sludge/trade waste). Management of trade waste and sludge is a common issue, Is there a case for a regional sludge processing plant?

Resource sharing
Is there opportunities to allow smaller Councils the ability to link with larger council’s schemes and opportunities for resource sharing across the region including:

Responses to issues be done remotely – savings to councils including time and travel Certificate 3 Waste Water Operators / Management and other training opportunities.

The Legatus Group is in a two-year Joint CWMS Services Arrangement with the LGA CWMS Committee to develop a CWMS User Group to deliver the following programs and projects associated with CWMS services:

6 sub-regional workshops per year
These will include presentations by experts and be used as a network sharing opportunity for each member council. The target will be those officers directly involved in the delivery of the services. These will include site visits to see what others are doing. Please check our Events Calendar for the latest workshop details.

1 annual forum
The forum will allow for the most recent knowledge to be shared by experts and provide an opportunity for case studies to be presented. The target will be for officers, councillors and other staff to raise the awareness more broadly of CWMS. Please check our Events Calendar for the latest forum details.

Presentations from the 2021 Regional SA CWMS Conference

CWMS Forum Slides



Conference presentation 2021 Michelle

Legatus Group Regional Community Wastewater Management Scheme Survey and Sludge Processing Plant Viability Investigation Final Report Draft -Legatus Group Sludge Viability Project

Expansion options for CWMS report  Expansion options CWMS Final Report