About the Legatus Group

The Legatus Group is the trading name of the Central Local Government Region which is a regional subsidiary established under the Local Government Act 1999 (SA). The purpose of the Legatus Group is to undertake the co-ordination, advocacy and representation of the constituent councils at a regional level. Through the increased facilitation and co-ordination of local government activities relating to economic and community development at a regional level, the object of improving benefits to the communities of the constituent councils is enabled.

The Legatus Group aims to develop, encourage, promote, foster and maintain consultation and co-operation and to strengthen the representation and status of local government when dealing with other governments, private enterprise and the community.

The development and management of policies which guide the conduct of programs and projects in the region secures the best outcomes for the communities of the region. In undertaking projects and activities that benefit the region and its communities the Legatus Group associates, collaborates and works in conjunction with the constituent councils as well as other regional local government bodies for the advancement of matters of common interest.

About the Legatus Procurement Group

The fifteen member councils that make up the Legatus Group have formed a strategic alliance to establish a collaborative regional approach to the procurement function.

A memorandum of understanding has been signed by the member Councils to collectively acknowledge the value, benefit and objectives of the Legatus Procurement Group.

Legatus Procurement Objectives

  • Work collaboratively with the member Councils to investigate opportunities through the pooling of regional demand to enable joint procurement of goods and services.
  • Improve service levels and cost efficiencies to generate savings through a regional approach to procurement and contract management.
  • Stimulate economic development throughout the region.
  • Prepare and maintain standardised procurement policies and procedures, tender and contract documentation.
  • Improve process, governance and risk mitigation to ensure compliance with procurement policy and the Local Government Act.

What we do

  • Legatus Procurement Group is responsible to our fifteen member Councils to develop and implement a collaborative procurement model to explore opportunities for improved performance, reduced cost of services and increased efficiencies throughout our region.
  • Provide a strategic approach to procurement that focuses on whole of region opportunities to deliver best value outcomes for Councils and their constituents.
  • Facilitate and streamline procurement frameworks, processes, systems and documentation to strengthen compliance, probity and performance.
  • Improve regional access for supplier engagement and reduce the cost of doing business with Local Government.
  • Standardisation of the suite of procurement documents, contract management, goods and services and contractor tools & documents.

Information for Suppliers

  • Provide a central point of contact for Suppliers to engage with the fifteen member Councils.
  • Develop and implement a preferred Supplier program that incorporates formally selected and pre-qualified Supplier panels through to informal Contractor pools.
  • Maintain a regional Tender register with relevant time-lines to enable suppliers to identify and appropriately schedule for the expiry of existing contracts and resource for upcoming new contracts.
  • The creation of a tender evaluation methodology that is fully compliant with legal and best practice purchasing requirements. Tenders will be evaluated in a fair and equitable manner that is consistent with the Local Government Act 1999. The final decision must be documented and be able to withstand public scrutiny.
  • Provide a sample Work Health & Safety system for Suppliers and Contractors to reference the key elements and obligations of working with our member Councils.